Epoxy Flooring Monument CO

Welcome to the premier destination for epoxy flooring solutions in Monument, CO. Our company specializes in delivering top-notch epoxy flooring services that cater to the unique needs of both residential and commercial properties in the region. With a focus on expert craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, we offer a wide array of epoxy flooring options, ranging from classic solid (seamless) epoxy coatings, to full-flake, mica stone infused polyaspartic garage floor coatings. Our commitment to quality is evident in every project we undertake, ensuring that each floor we install is not only visually stunning but also durable, resistant to wear and tear, and tailored to enhance the beauty and functionality of your space. Trust us to transform your concrete surfaces into spectacular and enduring works of art, making Garage Floor Coating of the Front Range in Monument CO your go-to choice for all your flooring needs.

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Explore Our Wide Range of Epoxy Floor Coatings in Monument

Discover the diversity of our epoxy floor coatings in Monument, boasting a variety of colors and types to suit every property. Our products include UV, stain, impact, anti-slip and moisture-resistant epoxy floor coatings, tailored to meet the needs of both residential and commercial spaces. Our range extends from simple, solid epoxy floors for basements and shop floors, to full-flake flooring, to our luxury mica stone-infused epoxy flooring, all showcasing exceptional craftsmanship. Whether it’s a robust flooring solution for heavy foot traffic areas or decorative flakes for a striking option, our solutions are an ideal choice.

Front end of a white sedan parked on epoxy flooring.

Expert Installations of Garage Floor Coatings in Monument CO

Our expert installation services in Monument CO specialize in garage flooring solutions, with thick, concrete-penetrating epoxy primer coat and dual polyaspartic top coats. We focus on creating a blend of beauty and durability, ensuring each concrete surface transforms into a pleasing flooring solution. Our garage products cater to a range of preferences, with a variety of hues and designs, ensuring your floor surface offers chemical, stain (including hot-tire transfer), impact, UV and moisture-resistance…along with incredible beauty.

Polyaspartic Floors: A Durable Option for Colorado Springs and Monument Areas

Polyaspartic garage floor coatings are a durable and excellent choice for Monument’s climatic extremes. Known for their resistance to chemicals, staining and moisture, these coatings are perfect for high-vehicular-traffic areas, providing a dust-free environment that’s super easy to clean. Our specialized techniques ensure a flawless application, turning every garage into a stunning space.

Side view of a red corvette on a full-flake epoxy floor.

Experience the Best in Concrete Floor Coating Services in Monument

Our concrete flooring services in Monument are unmatched in quality and variety. From basement epoxy flooring services to concrete garage floors, we provide a wide range of epoxy floor design solutions. Our experienced technicians use cutting-edge techniques to deliver epoxy flooring solutions that endure daily wear, making them an exceptional choice for both residential and industrial facilities.

Enhancing Your Kitchen and Garage Spaces with High-Quality Epoxy Flooring

Elevate your kitchen and garage with our high-quality epoxy flooring. Our anti-skid epoxy floors, available in solid seamless or full-flake broadcast, are ideal for creating a durable, hygienic and stunning environment. Our epoxy floor solutions cater to your design vision, transforming these spaces into areas of superior craftsmanship and beauty.

Why Our Customers Choose Polyaspartic Floor Coating for Their Monument Homes


Customers in Monument often opt for polyaspartic floor coating for its durability and ease of maintenance. These coatings provide a robust solution to daily routine and heavy loads, making them a perfect garage flooring solution. Their slip resistance and resistance to staining ensure a safe and long-lasting floor surface.

Epoxy flooring applied to a porch.

Garage Epoxy Solutions: Tailored for Every Monument Home

Our garage epoxy solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of every Monument home. We offer an extensive range of colors, from subtle hues to vibrant tones, ensuring our garage flooring solution complements your property. Our quality garage floor coatings are not only aesthetically pleasing but also offer high-traffic resistance, making them a practical and stunning option.

Achieving Customer Satisfaction with Superior Concrete Floors in Monument

We prioritize customer satisfaction by providing superior concrete floors in Monument. Our proprietary epoxy and polyurea-polyaspartic coatings and specialized application techniques ensure that each concrete slab is transformed into a durable and visually appealing surface. Our range of products include our Classic solid flooring (no flakes) to our full-flake, mica-infused epoxy floors. This flooring can be installed both indoors and out and cater to a variety of design preferences and functional requirements.

Discover the Advantages of Garage Floor Coatings in the Epoxy Flooring Industry

Our garage floor coatings are a testament to the advances in the epoxy flooring industry. We offer a range of services, including concrete repair, removal of existing (poorly applied) coatings, and concrete floor restoration, ensuring your concrete floors are in pristine condition. Our coating products provide resistance to chemicals, staining, UV light, impacts, and moisture, making them a superior choice for various environments.

Transforming Spaces in Monument with Expert Epoxy Floor Coatings

Transform your space in Monument with our expert epoxy floor coatings. Our coat interior basements, office spaces, airplane hangars and manufacturing facilities, to exterior garage floors, patios, walkways and commercial entries with our custom epoxy design. We cater to every square footage with precision and skill. Our experienced technicians apply each coat of epoxy and polyaspartic with attention to detail, creating spaces that are not just functional but also aesthetically captivating.