Professional Tips for Preparing Your Garage Floor Concrete

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Colorado Springs is a hub for outdoor enthusiasts, with residents frequently using their garages as staging areas for their adventures. It doesn’t matter if you’re hiking, biking, or camping — the gear needs a durable, well-prepped garage floor to withstand it. Proper concrete preparation is essential for ensuring your garage floor can handle the wear and tear, providing a long-lasting, attractive finish.

Finding the Right CSP

Concrete preparation is the first and most crucial step in installing a durable garage floor coating. The concrete surface profile (CSP) must be adequately rough to ensure the epoxy coating bonds effectively. Here, garages are often used for storing and maintaining outdoor gear, and a properly prepared concrete floor can make all the difference.

But what exactly is a CSP? We’re so glad you asked! CSP measures the texture of the concrete surface, which needs to be sufficiently rough for the epoxy to adhere properly. Think of it like this: Have you ever tried to stick a sticker on a muddy or dusty surface? It doesn’t end well. You have to get it dry and at just the right balance smoothness and roughness in order to properly adhere.

The International Concrete Repair Institute ranks CSP from 1 (smoothest) to 10 (roughest). For epoxy coatings, a CSP of at least 3 is necessary. Techniques like low-pressure water jetting and acid etching often result in CSPs below 2, which aren’t adequate for long-term bonding and can lead to peeling in high-use areas. Conversely, aggressive methods like sandblasting and rotomilling create CSPs above 4, which can be too harsh for residential applications.

Tools of the Trade

Grinding is the best method for achieving a CSP of 3 to 4, ideal for epoxy applications. Propane grinders are more expensive, but they’re particularly effective for a whole host of reasons: They’re safer in commercial settings, they produce near-zero exhaust (so they’re safe to use inside), and they’re more efficient. They also just work great. If you’re trying to DIY your concrete before installing a garage floor yourself, you’ll probably find them to be a bit on the pricier side, but that’s why the professionals have them in their arsenal.

For homeowners in Colorado Springs, where garages are more than just a place to park, proper concrete preparation is the cornerstone of a successful garage floor coating. By hiring professional contractors, you can achieve the ideal CSP, enjoy a durable, attractive garage floor, and have a space that supports your next adventure. Don’t settle for less — invest in professional concrete preparation to protect your garage floor and enhance your active lifestyle.